Share and Receive Data from API

You can use Vaazo to make API calls and request data as well as send data to other servers. Enter the API server URL address, timeout and what Vaazo should do when the timeout happens. Take the next element or show an error.

Then if you want to post data you can enter the params, add the necessary header keys as well as the body content as JSON or FORM. Enter the request body keys and values and send the scraped data to other servers via API.

Let’s look at the example of how to get data from API. We will use the JSON placeholder service to test this API. So here is the URL. Next, we choose the “save” tab and enter the response body keys and data keys we want to see in our data table. Don’t forget to click on the “+” button to add the Key.

Let’s hit “Update”, save and run the formula.

Here in the data table, we can see the result from the API server.

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