Scrape Data With Multi DOM Select

When you need to scrape data from the web page you will need to use the DOM select or Document Object Model selection element to choose which data you want to collect.

We would recommend you to use the title according to what type of data you are going to collect, for example, listings, title, image, link, etc. In this example let’s select or GET the listing.

There are two types of DOM select - Single DOM and Multi DOM. First, we will explain the Multi DOM element.  More about the Single DOM you can learn in the next video.

You will use the Multi DOM element to select multiple items on the page. Multiple or all listings, products, comments, or lines of the datasheet.

You can use the visual selector tool to select elements right on the page. Click on multiple elements, that you want to select and it will find the common features, styling classes, or parameters that fit all of the selected parts of the page.

Or if you know that there is a CSS class that is assigned to all of the elements you want to select you can type it in this field.

Below here is the “Click locked” option. It is handy to use if you are selecting clickable elements. Just “lock” the click and it won’t open the link when you click just to select.

The selected elements will be indicated by the colored rectangles, but you will be able to see the total number of the selected elements here. You can also clear the selection by clicking on this button.

Now you can choose the selection mode - data can be selected as text, attribute, for example, source attribute for image links, CSS style, HTML, or value.

In the “save as” section you will need to enter the title, how the data will be called in the table and how you will be able to get them in other elements.

You can allow the element to be NULL, trim the result and use RegEx match to transform the result. 

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