Modify data with the Variable Operator

You can do a lot of important things with the Operator element. First, you can choose where to get the value to work with. It can be already gathered data or a string.

Let’s say that we want to do something with the listing's title we have already got. Then you can choose the mode. For example, you choose mode and tell Vaazo, that this title is going to be something else. The operator is very useful if you are working with lists of data. You can tell Vaazo to split keyword lists, add delimiter, append something to the data or even ask Vaazo to choose random values from the range you have selected or from previously gathered data.

This time we would like to know the length of the listing's title and add this information to the data table. So we will choose the length mode and call it CharacterCount.

Press “update”, “save” and run the formula. Vaazo will go through the formula and when it is ready you will see the Character count right next to the title.

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