Checking the Task Status and Profile

There are multiple ways to check your task status.

First, you can click on the Vaazo icon in the taskbar. It will open a small status panel. There you can see all your formulas and the ongoing task status together with the finished tasks. If you click on any task, it will open the task profile.

The second way would be to click on the Tasks panel from the formula view.

  • If you open the task, you will first see the Table tab with all of the data gathered by the current formula. The content of the table will depend on the formula you make, selected items, and names you had given to them. You can click on the CSV icon to download the table as the CSV document.

  • Then you can open up the JSON tab and see the same data as objects and arrays. You can also click on the JSON button and download the document.

  • There is one more tab called “Runtime”. Here you can follow the formula working process. It is a list of each element and its duration. 

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