Change Your Browser's Headers

One of the elements you can use in your formulas is called “Headers”. Its main function is to change the browser’s headers. You can see the headers the browser is sending to servers by clicking on the Network tab in the developer tools.

For example, let’s take a look at changing your user-agent info.  Let’s say - we want the server to think that we are using Safari on iPad. We would open the formula, press the plus sign, choose the element “headers”, move it up as the first element because we need to change the headers before opening the URL.

Click on the “edit” button and enable the element.

Then we need to enter “user-agent” as the header key and the value as a string we got from the internet.

Hit the plus button, update. Save the formula and run!

Now, we can go to the Network tab and see if it works.  And here we can see, that the header has been changed.

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