Automate Work With DOM Action

DOM action is a similar element to the DOM select. It works the same as long as you choose the DOM type, selector root, and path. This will be a very handy element to automate work, because it can perform multiple actions, such as:

  • Update value - with this one you can enter information in forms, change attributes, CSS, HTML, and value. The value can be dynamic - imported from data or entered as a string;
  • Click - you can make a mouse click on the selected part of the page;
  • Remove - you can remove the selected element;
  • Event - here you can choose from several Javascript event types.

Just to show how it works. We will show you a very simple formula to automate your buying process. We already have a formula that puts items that exceed 20$ in the cart. We will ask Vaazo to go to the checkout page of our Demo shop and fill in the purchase information.

We will select Single DOM, select the container and ask it to update the value. The data mode will be the value and this time the updated value will be our name. It also could be acquired dynamically from the previously gathered data. In the same way, we will fill the Last name, e-mail, and address fields.

Now we want to check (give the information) that we want to pay with a card. We will just make a new DOM action and ask Vaazo to click on this radio button.

You can then ask it to press the button below to continue to the checkout but let’s save the formula and see how it works!

It is gathering data, we can see the items in our cart, and here, the form is already filled with data.

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